uitjes noord limburg

uitjes Noord Limburg

uitjes Noord Limburg

In this blog we will inform you about trips to do during your vacation in our @Zomerzoen.Casa.


To do uitjes Noord Limburg



You can make a reservation for an e-bike at the reception desk of the Schatberg. There are also maps for hiking and biking. There are a few National Parks in the neighbourhood:

Nationaal Park de Groote Peel Ospel | 20 km

Strabrechtse Heide Someren | 34 km

Mariapeel Evertsoord  | 9 km

wandeling met het Peelvrouwke | 11 km

Golfbaan de Golfhorst | 7 km

Bowling Sevenum Fun & Entertainment Center | 0.6 km

Toverland Theme park Sevenum Discover your magic | 3 km

Lasergame Fun & Entertainment Center | 0.6 km

Wakeboarding SevenTwenty Sevenum | 0.6 km

Solex in de Peel Griendtsveen | 12 km

Kasteeltuinen Arcen | 24 km





Spa Wellness Lomm | 21 km

Wellnesspraktijk Sanne Eghel | 10 km (make a reservation 1.5 month before your arrival)



City cinema Venlo | 17 km



Mout Venlo Foodhal | 20 km

You can order finger food (to share) from 7 different restaurants.

Open: every day from 9-0.00 hrs


Liesbeth’s grand café Horst | 11 km

Also for breakfast


All you can eat sushi Helden | 8 km


Steaks & sushi Asten Mykonos | 20 km


Morgenstond Griendtsveen | 13 km

Lovely terrace in the sun with a beautiful view. You can also start your hiking here.


ABC restaurant Sevenum | 0.6 km

This is fun if you stay in our holiday home with 1 child.


Cafetaria ’t Veen Helenaveen | 6 km

delicious food if you want to eat quickly


Clevers Ice (best Dutch ice) Grubbenvorst | 18 km

Clevers Ice (best Dutch ice) Arcen | 24 km

Hoeve Willem III Helenaveen |  6 km

nice place if you are walking or biking in Helenaveen or Griendtsveen



Designer Outlet Roermond | 41 km

Venlo City center | 20 km

Thorn the white town | 33 km

Eindhoven City center (especially these streets Kleine Berg & Grote Berg | 40 km

Maastricht City center (we love this) | 89 km

Den Bosch City center (we also love this)  | 79 km

Tuincentrum Leurs Venlo biggest Christmas collection in Holland every year starting in October-December | 18 km

Arcen Sfeermarkt |  24 km



Limburgs Museum Venlo | 20 km

Museum van Bommel van Dam Venlo | 20 km

Klokkenmuseum Asten | 19 km

Museum de Locht Melderslo | 13 km

Kantmuseum Horst |  11 km

Oorlogsmuseum Overloon WO II | 28 km





Blueberries Blauwebessenland America | 8 km

De Paddestoelerij Grubbenvorst | 18 km

Blueberries, strawberries and flowers in de 7e Hemel Grashoek | 5 km

Asperges Oppe Haes Roggel | 18 km



Dutch Design Week Eindhoven (every year in October) | 40 km

Lichtjesroute Eindhoven (every year in September/October) | 40 km

Bloemencorso Valkenswaard (every year in September) | 43 km